How to Use Ikea Can Opener

The IKEA Can Opener is a practical and user-friendly kitchen tool designed to simplify the process of opening cans. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of using the IKEA Can Opener to effortlessly open cans and easily access their contents. Say goodbye to the struggle of opening cans and embrace the convenience of this reliable kitchen companion!

How to Use an Ikea Can Opener?

Ikea can openers are typically straightforward to use, but following these general steps is essential to ensure safe and effective operation. 

Step 1: Inspect the Can Opener 

Before using your Ikea can opener, it’s essential to inspect it carefully. Look for any visible damage, rust, or debris that might compromise its performance. Make sure the cutting wheel is clean and sharp.

Ensure that all can opener parts are securely attached and in good working condition. If you find any issues, address them before proceeding, as a damaged or dirty can opener may not work effectively and can be unsafe.

Step 2: Position the Can Opener 

Correctly positioning the can opener is crucial for a successful operation. Begin by opening the handle of the Ikea can opener slightly to make it ready for use. Then, align the cutting blade mechanism along the inside edge of the can’s lid, ensuring it’s in the correct position.

Carefully close the handle, securing it in place, and keeping the can opener in the proper position for cutting. This step is critical for the can opener to work efficiently and safely

Step 3: Start Opening the Can

With the can opener correctly positioned, it’s time to start the process of opening the can. Turn the handle or use the key (depending on your specific model) in a clockwise direction. As you turn it, the cutting wheel will engage and begin moving forward along the edge of the can lid.

This cutting action is what allows you to access the contents of the can, so it’s essential to maintain a steady and continuous turning motion. Make sure the cutting wheel progresses smoothly to avoid any interruptions.

Step 4: Open the Can Opener 

Once you’ve completed a full rotation around the lid’s edge, it’s time to open the can opener and access the can’s contents. To do this, carefully loosen the handle slightly to release the can opener from the can’s lid. Be cautious as you lift it away, as the edges of the lid may be sharp. Once the can opener is removed, you can then safely lift off the lid and set it aside for use

Step 5: Clean the Can Opener

Cleaning your Ikea can opener after each use is essential to maintain its performance and prevent rust. Use distilled white vinegar to clean the cutting mechanism and any stainless steel parts, as this removes any food residue or potential rust. You can apply the vinegar using a cloth or sponge.

After cleaning, be sure to thoroughly dry the can opener with a clean, dry cloth to prevent moisture from sticking to the metal, which can lead to rust. For a faster drying process, you can also use a hair dryer on a low setting. Regular cleaning ensures your can opener stays in good condition for future use.

What Thing Do I Use Instead of an Ikea Can Opener?

If you don’t have an IKEA can opener, you can use a few everyday household items as alternatives. Here are a few options:

Manual Can Opener:

 Check if you have a manual can opener in your kitchen utensils. This is the most straightforward alternative and works similarly to an IKEA can opener.


 A sturdy spoon can be used as an alternative can opener. Position the spoon’s edge against the lid of the can, then apply pressure and leverage to pry the lid open. Repeat this process around the lid until it is entirely detached.

Knife and Hammer: 

You can use a sharp knife and a hammer to open the can. Hold the can securely on a stable surface and position the knife’s tip against the edge of the lid. Use the hammer to gently tap the back of the blade until it pierces through the lid. Carefully continue cutting around the lid until it comes off.


 If you have a pair of pliers or adjustable wrench, you can use them to open the can. Grip the lid firmly with the pliers, ensuring a secure hold, and then twist and rotate the pliers to pry open the lid. This method requires strength and caution.


Is the Ikea Can Opener Very Costly?

No, the IKEA can opener is generally considered an affordable kitchen tool. The exact price may vary depending on your location and any specific promotions or discounts available. However, compared to more advanced or specialized can openers, IKEA can openers are typically priced at the lower end of the spectrum. They are designed to be functional and budget-friendly options for everyday use.

Using an Ikea Can Opener is Very Risky?

Once upon a time, there was a trusty IKEA can opener. It faithfully served its purpose, opening cans with ease and precision. Its ergonomic design and safety features brought convenience to countless kitchens. Users followed the instructions, ensuring stability and applying gentle pressure. The can opener rewarded them with smoothly opened cans, free from sharp edges. However, it always reminded them to handle the lids carefully. As long as it was used responsibly, the IKEA can opener remained a reliable and safe companion in the culinary adventures of its owners.

How Do You Open a Can Without a Can Opener?

To open a can without a can opener using an army knife:
1. Identify the can’s seam.
2. Position the knife blade against the seam.
3. Apply pressure and rotate the can to puncture the lid.
4. Continue cutting along the seam.
5. Carefully pry open the lid to access the contents.
Note: This method can be dangerous and should only be used in emergencies. Always exercise caution and consider using a proper can opener when available.


After thorough research and experience in using IKEA can openers, I am pleased to present this comprehensive guide. As a content writer, I assure you that the instructions are accurate and reliable. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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